Blockchain Powered Film Financing
& Production Platform


Marketing Strategy


  • Lumiere has launched an exciting and highly prospective business that is ready to become a prevailing force for change within its target sector. 

Problem Solved


  • Our centre of attention is to dramatically disrupt the world film industry by offering innovative technological solutions to tackle existing problems of capital raising for worth while, commercial films and related media at the same time offering a real way to generate returns to investors who support this new paradigm.

Token Design

  • Lumiere aims to solve one of the biggest obstacles in the film industry- raising capital. It is often difficult for producers to connect with high worth investors even if they have a highly commercial film they wish to produce. 


Smaller Investors

  • The smaller investors often lose their capital because of the creative ways accountants and distributors work the legal system offering no protection to those investors. Some crowdfunding platforms are not even obligated to give financial returns to those who donate to get a project up. 

Ethereum ERC20 Token

  • Lumiere will utilise the Ethereum ERC20 proprietary blockchain smart-contracts to create highly liquid funding solutions for financing major motion pictures. 

FLM limited-emissions Token

  • We plan to design and issue our own cryptocurrency known as a FLM a limited-emissions token. The FLM will be a tradeable digital token that can be used as a representation of an asset, a virtual share, a proof of membership of the various slated film productions. These tokens will be compatible with various Ethereum wallets.  

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